Your challenge is my business.

You are looking for solutions of your current challenges in your company?

  • Interim-Management
  • Supplier Development / Supplier Management
  • Change Management / Transformation
  • Project Management
  • Product-Portfolio- and Processoptimization
  • New Market Approach / Business Development
  • Acquisition support / Due Diligence

With comprehensive expert knowledge and global experience in all areas of semi-finished products, I am specialized in analysing company processes and implementing improvements efficiently.

Just like the swiss army knife, I can offer proven tools for all cases situations allowing you to master challenges you may have.

Trust in my experience and reliability.
I trust in the potential of your company.

Procurement & Suppliers
Procurement & Suppliers

Increase business security through strategic procurement and build sustainable supplier relationships!

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Procurement & Suppliers

You are looking for an experienced professional, who aligns your procurement strategy and builds reliable and sustainable supplier relationships?
I am here for you.

The principles of business relationships between suppliers and organizations has changed fundamentally. Today, long term and trusted partnerships are essential. Respect and understanding each others interests, which are often contrary, are equally important as clear and open communication of the requirements and expectations.

Spending many years partnering with manufacturing units, I am specialized in aligning purchasing strategically and develop secure and established suppliers. The tools I have developed will allow your organization to maximize utilization in a safe and transparent way. These tools I will also develop for you as Interims Manager.

Processes & Products
Processes & Products

Achieve greater efficiency through optimized processes and a robust quality management system!

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Processes & Products

You are interested in optimizing processes without taking the risk of quality loss in production.
These are areas I am specialized in.

Product specifications and processes must be clearly defined and communicated.  First, relevant data must be generated. Then, processes must be designed to secure customers’ confidence in buying a consistently high-quality product with the potential of continuously improving it. The implementation of quality management systems, like the latest IATF standards, is a key factor. The crucial competitive advantage of robust quality management systems however will only work if companies put in into practice.

I can effectively support your company reaching this target based on my long and comprehensive experiences in product and process development. In addition, my in-depth scientific background in Metallurgy further allows me to recognize opportunities and improvements and implement these to optimize products and processes. This capability is particularly useful in Interims Management.

Customers & Responsibility
Customers & Responsibility

Use trusted, long-term customer relationships as a springboard to greater success.

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Customers & Responsibility

Your goal is improving internal and external communications leading to long term and sustainable customer relationships?
I can support you in achieving this goal.

Through my experience in procurement, I understand the customer perspective and I know what it takes to achieve full customer satisfaction. In order to reach this target, it is sometimes necessary to approach it in unconventional ways. Consequent implementation of these actions generates success along with respect and appreciation among all stakeholders.

Adapting to different perspectives is not unfamiliar to me, as I have held various positions in procurement, production and sales. I can put into practice technical know-how and long professional experience to earn your trust as a precondition leading to our common goal: Success, which I also provide as Interims Manager.


»There are no problems – only solutions


Following my PhD of materials sciences, I held various management positions, responsible for technology in manufacturing units. The customer portfolio covered all areas of application of the Aluminum industry including Automotive.

My successful work is always guided by close communication and cooperation with the production unit as well as customers. My comprehensive experience starting with purchasing, product- and process development as well as sales and marketing gives me an opportunity to discuss solutions with all management levels and across corporate cultures. Leading with “hands-on” style, I can deliver visible and measurable success to all partners.
In taking on projects to initiate, lead and manage this stepwise approach, I challenge myself to deliver success to your business.

Let’s discuss your challenge!

EntAl GmbH

Dr. Christoph A. Mayer
Managing Director

Moosstraße 5c
CH-6313 Menzingen

+41 79 9161669
+41 41 7550092

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